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Colour is a fundamental, essential part of design. Its associations and psychology evoke emotions and memories, and therefore responses. And in this day and age the range of hues is unlimited. Over eight million colours are indexed, which means over 16 million colour combinations! That said, when designing it may be best to stick to just three or four colours for your palette. And to expand them with textures.

One way of building a colour palette

If you take photographs of sunsets or flowers or wonderful colour schemes you can upload the image and look at the different shades that compose it and then work out your own palette.

Closely related colours blend well

Or you can use a colour wheel. Marc Chagall said “All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites”. But if a digital colour wheel doesn’t really work for you, then a physical colour swatch probably will. The Pantone colour bridge set and Farrar & Ball’s colour card are among the best.

Who are your heroes and gurus in the decorating world?

When you are looking for a colour, it can help to add an adjective: not just pale or dark or bright, but a tone like emerald (green) or sky (blue) or banana (yellow). André Fu likes cool grey. John Pawson’s only concession to colour is a bowl of fruit and a painting by a friend. Tony Chi likes earthy rustic. Nelson Chow’s favourite colour is olive green.

What is best on the Sunshine Coast?

Old cottages in Queensland are often painted in dark colours nowadays to give them a more contemporary feeling. David Scott Design sees choosing colours and materials as reconciling and coordinating spaces by using textures, objects and colour schemes that combine well.

Wassily Kandinsky said “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” and David Hockey said “I prefer living in colour.”

Don’t get completely caught up by searching for inspiration online when colours are waiting just outside your window! When in doubt consult David Scott Design and get it right first time! David Scott listens to clients, helps them define their needs, provides flexible solutions, works to a budget and, most importantly, David Scott delivers!

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