New Homes Sunshine Coast: Buy or Build?

Considerably less upkeep is one advantage of building new, and another is that you are only paying for what you want, whereas an existing home may have features you have to pay a premium for even if you don’t want or like them. In the long run an existing home will probably cost less if it happens to have everything you are looking for, although it won’t have up-to-date energy saving devices or the latest windows or insulation. Energy is almost always more efficient in newer houses. There is likely to be more wear and tear too, which means certain things may need more maintenance or even have to be replaced. But an existing house is usually more convenient as you can probably move in to it in just a few months.

For every positive there is a negative

And older homes have older gardens too, which means mature trees and plants. If you build, then the garden and the yard may take years to establish themselves.

The excitement of creating something that is your very own

New houses tend to appreciate faster than an existing house, but they usually cost more to build. They have guarantees though. Would it excite you to have something that no one has owned before, that you will be the first to use, or frighten you since it has not stood the test of time? An important disadvantage is the time frame. Where will you live while the house is going up, and what happens if it runs over budget or takes longer than expected? A lump sum contract rather than a cost plus one means that it is the builder who pays the cost overruns — and make sure you have a schedule and deadline.

Don’t forget that the three most important things are location, location and location

That is the one thing you should not compromise on. And don’t forget that a home is the largest investment most people ever make. Weigh everything up carefully, draw up your wish list, and then call David Scott Design. David Scott Design can help you save a lot of money by delivering affordable and cost effective services to ensure you get innovative designs specifically tailored toward your needs.

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