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Does your house seem to have shrunk over the past few years, or have your needs expanded? An extension might make all the difference, and mean that you would not have to move after all. There is a lot to consider though, from cost to building regulations and interior design.

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Theoretically, costs should be split into 50 per cent for construction and 50 per cent for the interior, but you have to include the architect’s, engineer’s and surveyor’s fees and project management costs. Then there are labour, materials and service costs as well as GST. You may need a flood risk assessment and a tree report as well — and perhaps a historic building report and an ecology report too. Will you have to pay a planning permission fee? Will you need a new boiler? Do you have the right to extend some of your house without applying for planning permission?

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Inevitably a lot depends on what rooms you would like to add. And the size of your yard. A living room costs less than a kitchen, and it is less expensive to add a bedroom than a bathroom. It is usually cheaper to build up than out, but that is just the construction expense. The foundations may have to be strengthened and existing walls knocked down. However, if you are seeking more living and entertaining space then that should be on the ground floor. Upstairs is for bedrooms and perhaps an office or a den.

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Having to move out while the work is being done may also be a major expense. Will you need another staircase, and how much space will that take up? You will probably want bi-fold or sliding doors. But while you are adding up the costs you should also take into account how much value the extension will add to the house and the fact you will not have to house hunt or move.

And if you have read this far and are nodding your head, then it is time to call David Scott Design.

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