TOP 5 Home Design Trends for 2019

It’s always interesting to see what other people are doing. Last year’s kitchens had banquettes and two-tone cabinets, marble, exposed lighting and rose gold, and this year’s kitchens seem to be concentrating on both hidden storage and open shelving instead of high cabinets. Pure white kitchens are out. Are strong statements overtaking minimalism? Spaces are lighter and airier, taps are pewter and gunmetal, brass or even copper, materials are wood, natural stone, basalt and concrete — crisp, clean countertops and tiles. Furniture is rattan and lighting is vintage-style. Sconces are back.

1. Think outside the box

Big, bold plants are back too, as long as you are prepared to look after them — plants you like enough to talk to as you pass. All you need to provide is enough sunshine — and water — for them and they will reward you.

2. Textures and hues

How about a ‘wow moment’ on your ceiling? Anything from mouldings to wallpaper, or just painting it a striking colour. Make a statement with navy blue, deep red, terra cotta or burnt orange — or even burnt yellow. How about organic green or millennial pink? You just need to use the colour as an accent and balance it with a more neutral, calm shade.

3. Space-saving solutions

There are more multi-functional spaces and multi-functional furniture — the office that can be a spare bedroom for example, the ottoman for storage as well as seating, the ever useful sofa bed. Add texture and colour with patterned and floral throws.

4. How about a matte finish?

Dare to be confident and individual. Express your warmth and personality. How about thinking velvet and plush? Don’t be afraid of patterns, even floral or geometric patterns, and tradition. Have you thought of a canopy bed? Move away from high tech towards natural elements like stone, copper, granite and concrete. And look at artisan fixtures. Use your local artists and craftsmen.

5. Time to consider consulting a professional

But you can only go just so far in home design by yourself. If you live on the Sunshine Coast then consult David Scott Design. David Scott Design is a locally owned and operated building design specialist with over 30 years of experience creating functional and aesthetic spaces, and access to interior designers, landscapers, and anyone else you may need.