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Home & Building Designer in Bli Bli

Everyone who holidays on the Sunshine Coast knows the Aqua Park at Bli Bli. For many years the wetlands below Bli Bli, which are now fully and carefully protected, grew sugar cane. It was a huge industry, but the main industry there now is tourism, and the main attractions apart from the water park are the 18-championship-hole Maroochy River Golf Club, the Wetlands Sanctuary and, of course, Sunshine Castle. You would hardly believe that the castle is only 50 years old — it is a very unexpected, Norman-style medieval castle whose maze, moat, towers, turret and drawbridge capture everyone’s imagination. There are a wonderful collection of dolls and there is a model railway — it is a brilliant, memorable outing for the entire family.

Gary Fogarty: “The dawn’s light paints the shadows like a master artist’s stroke”

Bli Bli is a friendly, gentle country town offering peace and recreation, fishing and boating, but it is actually not far away from entertainment and excitement. A good place to make a home, as David Scott will tell you. What appeals to you about the Sunshine Coast and making a home there is what you should describe to David Scott Design in detail so that your home — and perhaps your office too — can be designed specifically to your requirements.

“The foundations of our nation are standing here on show”

An architect is a building designer, and a building designer is just who you need to help resolve all the choices and eventual decisions — and to provide sketches and drafts, advice and 3D models. And David Scott Design is exactly who you need to guide you through the inevitable maze of planning controls and development applications to ensure local Council approval for even the most challenging and complex of designs.

“For the bush gave us a spirit and forged a nation’s soul”

David Scott is a registered architect in Queensland and New South Wales with over 30 years of extensive experience working in large corporations both in the private and public sectors. David Scott Design specializes in residential projects — which range from high density multi unit housing to additions and alterations. They can transform facades or add another floor, revitalize a rundown property or restore a heritage building — challenges are nothing new and obstacles do not faze them.

From concept to completion — imagine a new Sunshine Coast life taking off in Bli Bli for you and your family.

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