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Maroochydore means the place of the red-bill in the indigenous Aboriginal language — ‘Muru-kutchi’ is the black swan found in Australia. In the Dreamtime story, two brothers were turned into white swans to help in a raid, but afterwards they were attacked by eagle-hawks, who tore out their feathers. The crows, enemies of the eagle-hawks, plucked out their own black feathers for the injured swans, but the swans’ beaks remained stained with blood.

George Fletcher Moore:
“No lions or tigers are we dread to meet,
Our innocent quadrupeds hop on two feet;
No tithes and no taxes, we here have to pay,
And our geese are all swans, as some witty folk say.”

In 1920 the population of Maroochydore numbered 70! Now it has good schools and is a major commercial centre, known throughout the Sunshine Coast for the Sunshine Plaza. The canals have direct access to the river system and the Coral Sea, and the Sunshine Regional Council has redeveloped the old golf course in Sunshine Central and won an award from the Urban Development Institute of Australia for the best residential property development.

Bill Glasson:
“The eagles were soaring up overhead/And the roos hopped away in shock”

There are funky cafés, little local restaurants and live music — swim in the ocean and then sit down with a cocktail — no wonder it’s called the cultural capital of the Sunshine Coast. Maroochydore is only 100 kms north of Brisbane, and on the river there are sunset cruises, fishing charters, canoes, wind sailing and paddle boarding.

“It’s delightful, quite the closest thing to Heaven that I know”

Well, David Scott agrees with that, which is why he set up David Scott Design on the Sunshine Coast in 2013 after 30 years as a registered architect in Queensland and New South Wales. So he is the person to turn to for residential and commercial design, because he has had plenty of valuable experience in both the private and public sectors. And because he knows how to lay out development applications for local councils to approve. Also, David Scott Design creates flexible solutions and knows how to work to a budget.

“The rat-race sometimes beckons when my cash is running low
And bank managers suggest at times that maybe I should go”

David Scott Design provides a necessary, affordable, sympathetic service on the Sunshine Coast: good, innovative, ecologically sustainable designs, specifically tailored to your requirements.

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