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From the Pumicestone Passage to the Glass House Mountains, Caloundra enchants with its pristine sandy beaches, unspoiled coastal paths and views and well-kept boardwalks. Whatever age you may be, there is always a lot to do and many places to explore, quite apart from Caloundra’s famous annual fashion, chilli and music festivals, its tree-lined Sunday morning market and its holiday Friday evening market. Caloundra has an award-winning café and a micro-brewery — and it’s not too hard to find killer cocktails and delicious tapas — or bangers and mash either. The Events Centre regularly features first class plays and ballet, classical music and opera, modern dance and musicals. There are matches at the stadium, a visiting circus and open-air cinema too, and you can watch birds and dolphins, dugongs and turtles to your heart’s content. Feel like a relaxing cruise? The Tern o’ the Tide is there for you. Or you can hire a kayak or a jet ski — or even a mountain bike.

So why not consider settling down in Caloundra?

Seriously, why not? Look around and think logically about where and how you would really like to live, and what really matters to you. Great weather? Perfect beaches? Delicious food? A welcoming community? And then call David Scott Design and make an appointment to discuss one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Good vibes in the sunshine

David Scott Design can take you to see other houses we’ve built or upgraded in and around Caloundra, and discuss what would fit in with your tastes and needs and generally enhance your life. After over 30 years of experience we’ll have a lot of ideas and suggestions to offer once we’ve worked out what your dream home would be.

Everyone we work with is trustworthy and a stickler for perfection

David Scott Design can create a home for you, or a multi-unit development or an office — and we can get planning approval for whatever you need. We can bring in gifted interior designers and talented landscape architects to work with you, and find you a reliable builder and a dependable engineer. Whether you like traditional or cutting-edge, we can draft the plans and show you 3D models. And if you decide you would prefer to restore, renovate or alter a home — well, we can do that for you too. Think about it — and then contact us.

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