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Are you keen on home design, bubbling with perspectives, goals and ideas and happily hands on, or do you just want to find an architect and building designer whom you can trust completely once you have explained what you think you would like and assessed your lifestyle and priorities together … and then walk away until it is almost ready and just needs tweaking? In both cases, David Scott Design is ideal — from your original architectural design to the finished, decorated product, ready to move into. And he provides 3D models of the design so that clients can get a clear idea of how their new home is going to look. Floor plans are second nature to architects, builders and designers, but often difficult to understand for homeowners.

David Scott Design ensures your floor plan makes the most of your home’s potential

Everything has to be practical and functional, and the layout and flow of the rooms are crucial — for example the outdoor space should be accessed from the living area, even if you want to walk out to the terrace from your bedroom too. The guest toilet should not be on a different floor; you should not have to carry heavy groceries through the house to the kitchen and you don’t want anyone walking back and forth in front of you when you are watching television. Make sure there is more than enough storage space — and not too much space wasted in corridors. If you are moving to an open plan design, then remember there are fewer walls to hang pictures on and to place furniture against.

David Scott Design is affordable, cost effective and flexible, and will finish on time.

David Scott Design creates aesthetically appealing spaces to suit your needs and budget, and his calm, rational approach resolves unexpected issues and takes green cost savings, sustainability and safety into account. He ensures that interiors fit in with the location. Every single site, client and project is different and David Scott has 35 years’ experience in construction detailing. He knows if your new home or addition is buildable and economical without compromising the design quality. David Scott Design can apply for council approval, meet your priorities and requirements, work to a budget and deliver as agreed. Contact us today.

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