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Well, once you know why the potential client has come to you, you start to get a feeling for what they are looking for in a designer and what they value and seek in work of yours that they are familiar with. Have they seen a house you’ve designed or an apartment building? On the coast or inland? Heritage or a new build? That gives you a first impression of their lifestyle and tastes. It helps to know where their present home is too, whether that is old or new, and how long they have lived there.

Initial meeting

We meet at their home or office or hotel, depending on where they live, or at my office, where they can see examples of my work and show me the plans — or tell me of their plans — for their new house.

Learn about the client

If this is for a house and not for an apartment or a commercial building, I ask if they do a lot of entertaining, how many guests they usually invite to a dinner party, whether they often have houseguests and so on, to get an idea of how important the dining room and the terrace are, whether they enjoy cooking and how large the table should be — and the fridge too — and also how many bedrooms they need. A swimming pool? Will this be a permanent home or a holiday home — or a holiday home intended to become a permanent home one day?

Their family and tastes

How large is their family — and how many generations? What are their ages? What are their priorities? Do they have animals? Are they collectors? Do they need somewhere to listen to music and watch television or films? Do they paint or sculpt or weave? Do they need a studio? Are they keen gardeners? Which colours do they like best? Do they have any favourite motifs or textures? What sort of art do they live with, and what sort of furniture? Is there anything they have always dreamed of having, like a granite island in the kitchen or parquet flooring or a few retro pieces.

Look at the David Scott Design website

It’s a good way to get acquainted and start a relationship. Call us and let’s see if we can create your dream house around you.

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